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Course Outline

Note:This course outline serves as a general guideline. The specific duration and content may be adjusted based on the participants' skill levels and the resources available at the Wheelie School. Safety and responsible riding practices should always be emphasized throughout the course.

1. Introduction to Wheelies

  • Importance of safety and responsible riding during wheelies

  • Introduction to the necessary protective gear and equipment

2. Motorcycle Preparation

  • Ensuring proper bike maintenance and functionality for wheelie practice

  • Adjusting suspension settings and tire pressure for optimal performance

  • Understanding the bike's power band and torque delivery

3. Body Positioning and Balance

  • Correct body positioning for stability and control during wheelies

  • Mastering weight distribution and balance to maintain control throughout the maneuver

  • Techniques for gripping the tank and controlling throttle and clutch inputs

4. Throttle Control and Timing

  • Understanding the relationship between throttle control and lift

  • Gradual application of throttle to achieve controlled wheelies

  • Techniques for modulating power and managing speed during wheelies

5. Clutch Control and Timing

  • Importance of clutch control in initiating and controlling wheelies

  • Timing clutch engagement and release for smooth and controlled lifts

  • Practicing clutch modulation for adjusting the height and duration of wheelies

6. Safety Measures and Emergency Situations

  • Understanding safety precautions and risk management during wheelie practice

  • Techniques for safely recovering from wheelie-related balance loss or unwanted situations

  • Identifying potential hazards and developing strategies for mitigating risks

7. Gradual Skill Progression and Practice Session

  • Structured practice sessions to gradually build confidence and skill level

  • Regular feedback and guidance from experienced instructors

  • Providing personalized feedback and areas of improvement for each participant

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